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    Pics from my first ever suspension on Saturday! It felt a lot tougher than it looks… I look quite reclined and relaxed but I was hella nervous! No lasting marks, but still a little sore in places. Thanks to my delicious pal T for the rope, smooches and encouragement. 

    (PS: What was that about not being able to suspend fat people?)

    This is so inspiring! I want to be suspended so bad, but truly thought I was too fat for it. You have given me hope.

    NEVER NEVER NEVER! Anyone who tells you you’re too fat for rope is full of shit. It’s ROPE. They lift trees and pull fucking giant ships with it for fuck’s sake! More weight? More rope. Like, as you can see I’m not dangling by a single futo or anything — I’m well supported in lots of places, and that was mostly because it was my first time and I was skeered!

    I hope you get to be suspended soon! I really loved it. 

    Fuck yeah, fat suspension!

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    Model: redheadedbondage
    Photog: MomentInParadise Photo
    Please do not remove credits.

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    THE ORGASM TRAP —Countdown to Relaunch - 8 of 20 (Pic #6) Source: http://bit.ly/1ebns7h

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    Now on PinkLabel.tv — Justify My Jiz! A collaboration between Jiz Lee and Wolf Hudson, now available on Jiz Lee’s VOID. 

    Watch Justify My Jiz now!

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    WHY NOT ME?!

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