1. nerdcurves:

    Full frontal first time.

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    Busty Blue
    art by CoaX

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    mm, that’s fun

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    Finished! How about someone having a nice gentle suck on a friendly tentacle creature? They look like they’re having a good time.

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  9. nowherecreature:

    hi im ari and i’m not a shemale or tranny or lady boy i am a trans woman I have boobs a butt sorta and this is my girl penis. I’m a trans woman and thats a lot sexier than a slur!

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    Sexy Snuggy Slumber Party: Starring Daisy Ducati, Nikki Darling, and Denali Winter - http://queerporn.tv/wp/snuggie-sexy-slumber-party-with-daisy-ducati-nikki-darling-and-denali-winter

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